Tile Flooring in West Chester, PA

Luxury vinyl tile has become an increasingly popular option for our customers at Floor Coverings International Chester County. This is thanks largely to its ability to closely imitate a wide variety of flooring, while offering durability at a great price. Don’t know much about this modern flooring option? Read on for a bit of info courtesy of our flooring experts! Whether you’re looking to redo the bathroom, kitchen, living room or entryway, luxury vinyl might be the perfect option for your home.




Luxury vinyl tile, or, LVT for short, is different from traditional vinyl in a few key ways. One of the biggest differences is that LVT comes in both plank and square sizes. This allows it to imitate plank flooring like hardwoods. Here are a few different types of flooring that you can find an LVT imitation for:

  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Chestnut
  • Slate
  • Travertine
  • Stone
  • Ceramic


The construction of LVT is fairly similar to traditional vinyl tile. The main difference is that LVT is manufactured with a much larger thickness and a larger top layer to resist scratches and other damage. This makes LVT a much more durable flooring option overall. Another great thing about LVT is how fast the installation process can be relative to traditional flooring like stone tile and hardwood. You can choose between LVT that is installed more like traditional vinyl tile, or a new kind that also includes layer of grout around each piece to make the stone imitations look ever more realistic.


Relative to some tile and hardwoods, LVT is a hard flooring surface. If you choose to use it in a space like the kitchen where you will spend a lot of time standing, we recommend investing in aTile flooring professionals in west chester, pa mat or rug. This will add a layer of cushioning for your joints. Plus, it’s an added layer of protection when you spill water from the sink or drop food on the floor.


Ready to learn more about LVT and how it will work in your home? Call Floor Coverings International of Chester County today to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our design associates will help you choose the perfect luxury vinyl tile for your kitchen, living room, bathroom or entryway.


Top Photo Credit: Nomad_Soul