Floor Coverings International is a locally-owned expert in hardwood flooring selection and installation in Chester Springs, PA. Our personalized service and national buying power allow us to provide exceptional value to our customers.
Hardwood flooring in Chester Springs, PA

We work with a wide network of flooring suppliers, which allows you to choose from a number of hardwood flooring colors and styles. Some of the most popular hardwood flooring options include oak, maple, cherry, bamboo, and cherry wood.

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Because we work with trusted brands from around the nation, you’ll be able to find unique flooring options and designs that you might not find elsewhere. From solid to engineered, trust Floor Coverings International to have the hardwood flooring that you want.

Choosing the right hardwood floor for your home can be difficult. We’ll guide you through the best style considerations; species, color, width, texture. We’ll also provide you with the best installation options; locking, glue, nail, staple.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

  • Boosts the value of your home
  • Does not retain dust and pollen
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fits into a range of interior design styles
  • Adds depth, warmth, and overall beauty to a home

Product Gallery for Chester Springs, PA

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Solid wood is available in various hardwood floor types. Before you choose however, you need to know the amount of traffic that the floor will be getting. Different hardwood floors types come with different hardness. If your room experiences a lot of traffic, then you’ll want to make sure that you get a denser, harder wood for the room such as a white oak. A softer wood like cherry would not be ideal for a whole floor since it is very soft and damages very easily, but because of its wonderful color it might make a great accent to your flooring design.

Our designers will work with you to help you find the wood flooring that will fit your lifestyle and your home decor. Let the professionals at Floor Coverings International in Chester Springs help you with your hardwood flooring selection and installation. Call today for a free, in-home estimate!