Joni Cote de TexasAt Floor Coverings International of Chester County, we love bringing you creative insight and perspectives from bloggers who are kind enough to share their wisdom and how they got started. Today we have an interview with Joni, designer at Cote de Texas.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a wife and mother of a 25 year old girl.   I do interior design, but lately I’m concentrating more on blogging.  I’m a native Houstonian, went to the University of Texas, and have never lived outside of the state – I’m Texan to the bone, hence the name of my blog – Cote de Texas, which is a play on French design and being on the Texas coast!


2. Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

I  started the blog on a whim in 2007 after reading Peak of Chic and Style Court, two fabulous blogs that really started the entire design blogging trend.  I thought, well – I want to do this!   It was so exciting and new.  There weren’t that many of us back then and many of us were very close.  Blogging exploded a few years later and that all changed.  The camaraderie isn’t what it once was.  There is so much competition now and with all that came the monetizing of blogs.   That really changed everything when blogging became a job instead of a passion.  I remember when I decided to accept advertising on the blog.  It was such a hard decision at the time!  I agonized over that.   In the end though, you have to have that passion for your blog or else it shows.   I suppose I will blog until I feel that desire is gone and so far, it has increased, not lessened!


3. How would you describe your design style?

Casual chic, which is such a cliché, but it’s true.  I like natural fibers, linen, silk, and cottons.  I like plain fabrics and classic prints, like stripes and floral chintzes.  My personal style is – antiques, gilt, mirrors, seagrass, shells, candles, plates, slipcovers, lanterns, textiles, blue and white porcelains, chandeliers, ironstone, wicker, white marble, sconces, subway tiles – these are the basic elements that you will find in most of my rooms.


4. Where do you find most of your inspiration?

From websites and portfolios of designers. Photo shoots in magazines and design books are a huge inspiration.  I particularly love books that are about one house.  That way you really get a true sense of what the designer is about.  I have a few favorite designers, most are the same ones that I’ve loved for years like Suzanne Rheinstein, Gerrie Bremermann, Pam Pierce, Ginger Barber – those come to mind immediately.


5. Tell us about a recent project you’re proud of.

My daughter’s apartment!  She just moved to her first apartment after college and it was collaboration between the two of us, with a major budget.  I let her lead the way, and she let me have a major vote.   Actually, it is decorated like an apartment I would have if I were her age.


You can find Joni on her blog at Cote de Texas.