Your Floor Coverings International Chester County team knows we have a lot of dog lovers here in Pennsylvania. One of the most important steps you can take to protect your carpets in a pet-filled home is to make sure all of your pooches are fully house trained. Of course, the occasional accident will still happen, but by taking the steps below, you can head off most household pet stains before they become a problem. While we’re flooring experts and not animal experts here at Floor Coverings International, we’ve found the tips below help speed the housetraining process for puppies along.


Housetraining Puppies:


Puppies have small bladders, so the initial housetraining process can be an immense amount of work; thankfully, it pays off in endless cuteness and clean carpets for years to come. To help housetrain your puppy, consider the following tips:



  1. Keep your new pooch on a regular feeding schedule to help you anticipate their elimination needs, but do plan to take your dog out every 30 minutes to an hour initially to accommodate your puppy’s tiny organs. If you need to work during your puppy’s first months, as most of us do, consider crate training your dog. Just remember, a crated pup is still a young pup—your dog will need a break in the middle of the day to eliminate.


  1. Take your dog to the same spot of your yard on each trip outside. Animals are comforted by their own scents, and the routine will help speed the process of conditioning your dog to eliminate outdoors. Of course, this tip works in reverse for your carpeting! If your dog does have an accident inside, clean the stain immediately. If a dog can establish a regular “spot” inside the home, it can cause major problems for your flooring.


  1. Treat, Treat, Treat! Just like humans, dogs like to be rewarded for good behavior, and the pleasure of receiving a treat for eliminating outside will solidify the routine in your dog’s mind.



We hope our tips help you teach your puppy how to eliminate outside and keep the interior of your home safe from pet stains. Of course, it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian if your pup shows any complications with the house training process.


Want to learn more about keeping your carpets safe from pet stains or interested in installing pet friendly flooring into your home? Your local Chester County experts are always happy to chat flooring. Give us a call today!


Photo: Oksana Kuzmina