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At Floor Coverings International of Chester County, we believe that it’s important you learn as much about your flooring options as you can before making a decision. Laminate flooring is extremely durable and easy to install. This has made it a popular option for homes around the greater Chester County area. Laminate, like most flooring styles, is available at a range of quality levels. So, how can you tell if you’re choosing high-quality laminate for your home? Our flooring experts have a few tricks to help you choose the right laminate.


  1. Is it NALFA certified?
    NALFA, or the North American Laminate Flooring Association, helps to regulate the quality of laminate flooring through a number of key guidelines. They were formed when cheap laminate flooring started flooding the markets. They ensure the laminate flooring follows recycling guidelines and doesn’t emit harmful chemicals, along with a few other key quality measurements.


  1. Will the laminate use glue?
    Most quality laminate flooring is also a floating floor. This means that it can be installed without any glue. Laminate flooring glues emit gasses that can be harmful for you and your family to breath. Floating laminate floors are also much easier to uninstall down the road because they won’t damage your subfloor at all.


  1. Is there a wear layer?
    Laminate flooring almost always has a top wear layer, but not all wear layers are created equal. If you are planning on putting your laminate floor in a high-traffic area, be sure to choose a style that has a thick wear layer


  1. How does the laminate flooring click together?

Laminate flooring is primarily kept together by a clicking mechanism between each piece. The more sturdy this attachment, the longer your laminate flooring will last. More complex locking features do cost more, but this extra charge will be worth it for the durability of your new floor.


Interested in high-quality laminate flooring for your Chester County area home? At Floor Coverings International of Chester County, we partner with top manufacturers like Armstrong to bring the best laminate flooring on the market.


Photo Credit: LehaKoK