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If you are putting a gym into your Chester County home, it’s important to make sure that a few things are done well so that you and your family are happy to make use of the space. Before you bring home any big sets of weights or large machines, we at Floor Coverings International recommend you think about the flooring of the room. The floor can affect your workout more than you know, and if you choose the wrong kind it can hurt your joints and be a pain to keep clean. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of flooring options for your home gym.


This forgiving, elastic flooring option is ideal for home gyms. It is easier on your joints, and helps you stay balanced while doing tough exercises. Rubber flooring is relatively simple to install. You can even choose to get a mat that covers part of your floor with rubber rather than doing the whole room. Rubber is also very durable and easy to clean, so it will stand up to the wear and tear of workouts very well.


Eco-friendly and springy, cork has become a popular flooring option for a variety of residential spaces. Though not quite as soft as rubber, this is still a forgiving option for your joints during workouts. Cork is not quite as durable as rubber; be careful when dragging equipment on the floor, if it’s heavy it could damage your cork flooring.

Foam Mats

These interlocking foam pieces are very easy to install and provide support for floor exercises and high-impact workouts. The surface is smooth, so it’s easy to keep clean. These mats also often come in bright colors that can bring a cheerful feel to basement gyms. Like cork, foam has its weaknesses. Watch out for dents from weights or rips from heavy machines.

Good luck creating your perfect home gym from Floor Coverings International of Chester County!

Photo Credit: Ilia Kaziev