Mosaic tiling can make a room. At Floor Coverings International in Chester County, we love helping customers find the perfect place for their mosaic tile. Often, homeowners are nervous to take the plunge and choose a place for mosaic tile. The process is a significant investment, but the unique look and textured feel of mosaic will be more than worth it. Here are a few great places to consider putting your first set of mosaic tile. If you love it, you can tile all of these spaces with beautiful mosaics!


The shower is a natural place for tile. This makes it a great place to try a first mosaic in your home. There are tons of examples out there of beautiful showers featuring standout mosaics inspired by the natural world. They provide an extra level of relaxation that’s more than welcome during a calming morning shower.


The kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to play around with color and pattern. You can use it to bring colors in your kitchen together, or to brighten up the room. Backsplashes can surround your entire expanse of countertop or only cover the wall behind the sink, so you have a lot of options in how much mosaic you want to use. You could even start with a smaller amount, see how you like it, and add on later.

Floor to Wall

Create a cohesive look in the bathroom by using a mosaic on the floor that extends up onto the wall. This is a great way to bring a room together and to create a unique feel in your bathroom. We recommend choosing a rich hue that’s easy to match with but also unique.

As fans of all things tile, the experts at Floor Coverings International of Chester County hope this list will help inspire you to bring a beautiful mosaic into your home!

Photo Credit: MR. INTERIOR