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Hardwood floors of any kind are a beautiful addition to homes in Chester County. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International in West Chester help customers choose the perfect hardwood for their home. One style that has gained popularity in recent years and that we often suggest is wide plank hardwood floors. This beautiful style can be a bit expensive but its other benefits more than make up for the added cost. Read on to find out if this beautiful flooring option is right for your home.

Natural Beauty

Traditional hardwood planks are made in narrow strips that stop the grain of wood from continuing. The larger surface of each wide plank allows the natural beauty of the wood to continue for a larger space than on traditional hardwood planks. This brings the patterns and movement in the wood to the forefront of your flooring.

Smooth Surface

Wider planks mean there are fewer breaks in your flooring, resulting in an overall smoother surface. This benefit also has one warning attached: it’s important that professionals install wide hardwood planks. If they are installed incorrectly it can result in the spaces between planks becoming larger overtime as the planks expand and contract with moisture. This is always a risk with hardwood floors, but with larger planks, the change can be more pronounced if the flooring is not installed correctly. Your local experts at Floor Coverings International of Chester County are happy to help with the installation process.

Rustic Charm

One of our favorite benefits of a wide plank hardwood floor is the affect it has the room it is installed in. The natural beauty of the wood effortlessly creates a rustic atmosphere in your home that can pair beautifully with both modern and vintage-inspired décor.

Photo Credit: photobank.ch