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Ready to refresh your space, but concerned about cost and effort? Work with a flooring store that understands your needs.

What do you look for in a flooring store?

Is it access to a particular product or name brand? Is it the lowest cost? Is it the best customer reviews? At Floor Coverings International, you can have all of that and more. Our new flooring store in Chester County can help you complete any home or business flooring project.

At Floor Coverings International, we work with a wide variety of vendors, manufacturers, and brands. That means you’ll have access to a wide range of products that can meet the needs of your space, even if you have a particular style or wear needs. We even offer direct-from-manufacturer products, and we’re sure no matter which product you choose, we can help you get the best price possible.

Local Flooring Installation Experts

Our store is staffed with local experts who will help you at each step of the way. Generally, you’ll work with two professionals:

  • Our Design Associate will work with you to identify the floor coverings that are right for your home or business. They’ll ask about traffic flow, style requirements, budget, and more in order to help you find out which products will work best.
  • Our Project Coordinator will take you from the quote all the way through installation. They’ll manage the timeline of the project, coordinate our installation teams, and make sure your questions are answered and that you’re fully satisfied with the results of your project.

Floor Coverings International of Chester County is proud to offer both residential and commercial products. Our staff understands the unique needs of business owners and managers, as well as the unique flooring needs your business space has in terms of traffic, usage, maintenance and more.

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