hardwood floorsHardwood floors are a stunning flooring option that give your home a warm, inviting feeling. In addition to the beauty they offer, hardwood floors can also boost the value of your home, lessen the amount of dust and pollen that gets trapped in other flooring options like carpet, and fit into any interior design style your home might feature. As if that weren’t enough, hardwood floors are one of the easiest flooring options to clean and maintain.

Keep your hardwood floors looking their best with these cleaning tips and tricks.

  1. Remove dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris that can scratch the floor. Use a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment or a microfiber cloth to complete this step. Vacuums with beater bars can scratch or damage the surface of your hardwood.
  2. Use a liquid cleaner to remove the dirt and debris that has built up over time on your hardwood surfaces. Use a commercial-grade cleaner (like those found at your local big-box stores) or a solution of one part vinegar to 10 parts warm water and a drop of dish soap. Using a microfiber cloth or mop head that has been wetted with the cleaning solution, gently mop the floor to remove dirt and debris. Be sure to wring out any excess cleaning solution before you wipe the surface. Remove any excess with a damp or dry cloth – this is an important step, as standing water can cause your hardwood to bubble or buckle.
  3. For an added shine, use boiling water and teabags to clean your hardwood floors. Let two teabags steep, then take a soft cloth and soak it into the tea. Remove the cloth and wring out – it shouldn’t be soaked so that the floor can dry quickly. Use the damp cloth to wipe your hardwood floors, then allow time for them to air dry. The tannic acid in the tea will give your floors a beautiful sheen!

Help keep your hardwood floors cleaner for longer by placing mats at all your home’s entryways. This can drastically cut down on the amount of debris and moisture brought into your home and left on your hardwood surfaces. Knowing how to properly clean your hardwood floors will keep them beautiful for many years to come! Stay tuned to Floor Coverings International for the best in floor care.